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As Part of Youth vs. Apocalypse and Sunrise Movement, Isha Clarke Advocates for a Livable Climate and Just World

Isha Clarke is a high school student born, raised, and educated in Oakland, California, with a passion for intersectional activism. As a youth leader working for climate justice, Clarke raises awareness of the fact that threats to the environment disproportionately affect people of color, low-income folks, and young people. While fighting for environmental justice with other advocates, Clarke strives for a just and equitable world while maintaining a livable climate.

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Isha Clarke

Here are some highlights from the interview with Clarke:

  • How she got involved with the climate justice movement and organizations like the Sunrise Movement and Youth vs. Apocalypse.
  • A bit of background on the video with Dianne Feinstein and Sunrise Movement youth activists that went viral and the impacts of that interaction.
  • How to contribute to the resistance movements that are holding the line for the possibility of the next economy.
  • Why historically marginalized and under-resourced groups need to be at the center of the conversations about the climate crisis.

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