B the Change Weekly: September 20, 2019

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Each Certified B Corporation brings unique gifts and vantage points to the B Corp community, creating a rich group of changemakers who share a concern about the future of our planet and its people and are stepping up to global challenges.

This week, about 700 people from the U.S. and Canadian B Corp communities and other partners gathered in Los Angeles for Champions Retreat — a few activity-packed days of inspiration, discussion, and collaboration focused on creating a more inclusive and regenerative economy. As these members of the B Economy return home with new friends and new ideas, they know the challenges of creating that change won’t be easy. But they also know they aren’t alone in their work — and that together we are stronger.

Read on for highlights from Champions Retreat and other ways B Corps are building stronger, more resilient communities around the world.

Nearly 700 people in the U.S. and Canadian Certified B Corporation communities gathered this week in Los Angeles at 2019 Champions Retreat to discuss and advance work toward a more inclusive and regenerative economy. (Photo by Nate Barnes / @natebphotos)

Harnessing the Power of a Community of Champions

At the 2019 Champions Retreat in Los Angeles, the B Corp community and its partners gathered to explore how to better create opportunities for all people and take sustainability to the next level. As business culture shifts toward positive impact on all stakeholders, these B Economy leaders must use innovation and collaboration to forge a new path and build a more inclusive and regenerative economy.

Ready to get to work? Get inspired by the messages shared by the speakers and collective action groups at Champions Retreat.

A Better World Through Community Health

While many people equate health with traditional (and typically costly) medical care, the factors that most influence an individual’s well-being are where they live, work and play. Known as the social determinants of health, these issues overlap with what B Corps promise to consider when they sign the Declaration of Interdependence and shape how the companies Vote Every Day through their business practices to build a better world.

Learn how four community health-focused Best For The World honorees are stepping up to face our planet’s biggest social and environmental challenges through their everyday operations.

Taking Up the Fight Against Plastic Waste

The founders of B Corp Simply Straws didn’t set out to be sustainability leaders — they set out to build a better world by taking on a piece of “the problem” where they could make an impact. When Cyndi and Chanelle Sladies launched the Earth-friendly products’ business out of a garage seven years ago, single-use plastic straws were a relatively new concept. Now, the Costa Mesa, California-based company is Best For The World for Community, has products in more than 1,200 stores, and has 14 full-time employees.

Learn how Simply Straws keeps its supply chain in mind while creating meaningful jobs for its workers and providing an in-demand product that helps our planet’s future.

Stay in the Know

Here’s your chance to catch up on all the good stuff we shared this week:

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