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At the beginning of the Libyan rebels’ uprising, I sympathized with the rebels and wanted Col. Gaddafi to go. I still do… but am worried about the new world order in which the “USA and Allies” have assumed to “solve world problems”. They initially come as gallant Big Brother, “to protect innocent civilians”, then take centre stage, begin supplying arms to rebels and directly fighting the sitting Govt, then issue bold statements like Hillary Clinton’s “Gaddafi must go….”, which bear no resemblance to their original mandate of “protecting innocent civilians”.
Young countries (organic growth of nations was interrupted by colonialism, creating instant, “genetically modified” countries!) should be very afraid of Big Brother’s new scheme. Whereas naked colonialism was easy to combat because although it came hiding behind the Bible, it was visible, tangible, audible, had a clear agenda, and the gun to execute the agenda, Neo-colonialism was subtle, it skillfully navigated colonies through the struggle for independence, through the cold war, with its strings-attached-aid and sarcastically refers to Africans as “development partners”.
There is now a new world order, but make no mistake, it is a monster more lethal than good old colonialism of known geographical boundaries or Cold-War colonialism of “are-you-pro East-or- pro West?”. In the new global order, Monster smells the coffee (read oil), and all they need to do to get the coffee is to create and prop a would-be-puppet-who-turns-into-a-dictator, go behind his back at some opportune moment, sponsor a rebellion against him ….. and begin drilling…! I fear that the new trend opens doors for sinister ambitions. With the “Neo-scramble for Africa” between the USA and China, it’s easy to sponsor provocation of a sitting Govt, say, by breaking a few laws or cause riots, or attack a village police unit. The largely militarized, low income countries will respond by unleashing State terror on the population, the rest is predictable, and before you know it, Big Brother will be in charge,  drilling!
Big Brother preaches democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights, with passion…. but practices them only when they are convenient to him. If you are alert you will have discovered that those values were conveniently forgotten during the USA trespass of Pakistan space to kill Osama Bin Laden. Where did Obama get the authority to bury Osama’s remains at sea? But his rating in the USA have soared, the world hailed him and nobody is calling the USA to account for trespass into a Sovereign State and murder of unarmed person in that State, without trial before a competent Court, as if two wrongs make a right! We all know about Guantanamo Bay and the swift execution of Saddam Hussein. According to Big Brother, when Israel kills innocent Palestinians, they are defending themselves but when Gaddafi defends himself against rebels, he is killing innocent civilians. As a Ugandan, my point of absolute departure with Big Brother is when they literally ordered the Parliament of the Sovereign State of Uganda to get the Anti Homosexuality Bill off the Order Paper and harassed Hon David Bahati, who was going to table the Motion in Parliament, when they could have democratically campaigned against it with all the money they have! For the record, I do not support the Bill.
Clearly, there are two sets of worldly values, one for the “USA and Allies” and another for the rest. The developing world is trapped between the USA/Allies’ race against China and despotic dictators, either way, we are losers. If we do not ask the  ‘USA and Allies” to account for their inconsistent arbitration of world affairs, we endorse the dual-value system – a looming global phenomenon worse than colonialism and neo-colonialism – and if we do, we keep the African dictator! The modern day challenge, therefore, is to decide which is the lesser evil!
Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turwomwe
TEL : 0783 438 201
Email: ufapresident@gmail.com

Originally posted on BetiKamya's Opinion by Beti Olive Kamya-Turwomwe.