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When the COVID-19 pandemic upended everyday business, it also exposed systemic faults — in health care, the economy, and racial discrimination — that reveal how the current form of capitalism fails to work for many. And those many include the workers who serve as the heart of their companies. In the stakeholder model at Certified B Corporations, workers are one of the key factors in decision making, policy creation, and the everyday actions that affect a company.

The resources and examples below provide a framework for a commitment to this stakeholder approach. Let’s get to work to make it a reality.

COVID-19 Action Plans for Companies

Two new resources from B Lab provide guidance and best practices for companies as they navigate COVID-19 and shape workplaces of the future. The first guide offers real-world examples of how B Corps support stakeholders through a JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) lens. A separate new downloadable report highlights how B Corps are caring for all the people and places a company touches through its operations, and how that plays out in times of crisis when resilience is needed. Find an overview and links to both on B Lab’s website.

Designing a Way Forward During COVID-19

The business uncertainties created by the COVID-19 pandemic have some businesses fighting for survival and others adapting to new demands. On B The Change, Nell Derick Debevoise of B Corp Inspiring Capital shares recent examples of B Corps navigating these challenges while staying true to their commitment to people and planet.

A Worker-Minded Recipe for Success

At King Arthur Flour, care for workers is built into the company’s ownership structure as an employee-owned business since 2004. Employee engagement and collaboration are especially important during COVID-19 as business decisions affect workers’ financial and physical well-being in more ways than ever. Learn more about the founding B Corp’s worker-focused practices in this B The Change article by Christopher Marquis.

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