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I’m truly now convinced that consistently good customer service  must be expressed and reaffirmed consistently as we do with those we  love. I’m reading an article of an airline that serves us frequently and amazed at how they have been rated highly on customer service which I tend to agree most of the time but all I can remember today is the unanswered calls, inconsistent messages and non-committal in customer support that I received today when they cancelled on of their flight and consequently leaving my team stranded!

Good Customer Service remains so when your latest customer served is happy. It must be continuous, consistent, honest and deliberate. Like all the other test, the rating goes by how well the last customer was handled. Did you communicate to them in the language they understand? Did the customer agree to the terms prevailed on them? Did the customer confirm commitment to the organisation or did they grudgingly say I wish there was an alternative?

Customer Service completeness goes through the chain of command on the service issued. In this case the staff picking the complain, the staff causing the customer to complain, the staff authorizing the response to the customer, the distribution channel to effect the responses especially if it is through agents and finally the language, manner, tone, used to communicate the decision to the customer thereby making them forever loyal.

Thankfully tomorrow is Sunday and most of Christian Kenya will be flocking in Churches to get a feel of Christ love for another week ahead. May we reaffirm our customers as honestly as we do our christian love. That is in a language they understand and as often as they need it.

Originally posted on Muhunyo Gladys's Blog by muhunyogn.