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By: Joyce Durst, WPO Member

On the GAP blog, we cover a lot of topics related to big data, machine learning, and analytics.

But there’s an underlying assumption we make when talking about these topics: that your data is important.  It is the lifeblood of your company, so data quality matters.

In this blog post, we explore the importance of data quality. We look at why you should pay attention to the quality of your data, the attributes of having good data and some steps that will help ensure you attain high levels of data quality.

The Data Economy

Some of the most valuable companies in the world today such as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, sell vastly different types of products and services, but they do all have one very interesting thing in common – they convince users to part with their data in exchange for free services.

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More than ever, the quantity of data being generated each second in the enterprise is a driving force for businesses that want to unearth market insights in order to gain a competitive edge. Additionally, the exponential growth of user-generated content, such as social media, encourages this push even more forcefully.

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Joyce Durst, CEO and co-founder of Austin-based Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), is driven to help software companies achieve rapid growth through business-focused analytics, cloud and mobile applications. Over the past 11 years, Joyce has grown GAP’s custom software development practice to work with over 250 clients and now employs more than 300 employees. Joyce regularly mentors women CEOs and first-time entrepreneurs and won the Profile in Powers award from the Austin Business Journal. Joyce sits on the board of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and is an active member of the Women Presidents’ Organization.

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