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the_UnEmail_5_colouredI thought I would share this post from Terry Brock, President and CEO Achievement Systems, Inc. I recently had the pleasure of delivering my UnSales Sales™ keynote to a group of Meeting Planners at MPI TEC Toronto. One of the concepts I shared with them is The UnEmail Email™. This concept focuses on email being a tool to connect, clarify and confirm, however email is not a relationship cultivation tool – meaning eventually you need to make contact. Do you remember the story about Manti Teʻo, Linebacker at the University of Notre Dame,  he had a relationship on email, the entire thing was a fraud. He should of went FROM connection to contact. When building business if you never make phone or face-to-face contact the relationship will suffer. Remember it is always easier to ignore email and social media – a lot more difficult to ignore someone in-front of you or on the phone. Here are some other good insights on how to use tools to your advantage. Special note, social media can cultivate relationships when used well and at the right time according to Terry Brock. I could not agree more!




Does social media dilute “real” relationships? Do we have lesser relationships when we connect with people on social media, versus in person?

I think social media actually enhances relationships. In my own life I’m thinking of people that I have met on social media and have not seen in social life because they are in different parts of the country and our paths are not crossed.
I’m also thinking of another person that I have known for many years but haven’t seen for many years. We have been in touch through social media and even have a phone conversation a few months ago. I will probably see this person at a convention that is coming up next month. I know that when I see her, our relationship will be even stronger than ever. This is as a direct result of our interaction in social media over the past several months.

Social media really does help strengthen relationships when it is done right. I think that is the key. Many people will fault social media when the problem really is human interaction.

Could you imagine someone in the year 1920 complaining that writing letters deteriorates relationships? Would they complain that they’re not seeing the person in person and that letters are just a “modern-day substitute” for being together? Would they also complain about talking on this newfangled device called a telephone because it decreases the interaction of our live, in-person conversation?

There are many forms of communication. Some are better suited at different times and locations than others. For instance, sometimes a quick text message is better than a long email. Other times a more detailed email message is better than a live in-person talk. If you need accurate details and a recorded message of what was communicated, written communication is often going to be better than the spoken word.

Personally I like using video for communication, where it is appropriate. Video is ideal when you want to see someone’s expression, hear their voice inflection, or see physical objects that are better communicated visually rather than with text. Yet, there are times when video is not ideal.

Video, obviously, is not good when someone is driving. Audio is a much better form of communication in that instance. Audio is ideal if you have a long commute and want to listen to good educational material while driving. I love using audio when I’m cleaning my condo. I can listen to several choice podcasts while I’m doing the laundry or cleaning the condo and learned a great deal that is useful to me.

Social media does help in communication and strengthening relationships. Like so many technologies, the proper use of the technology makes all the difference in the world. Use social media the right way, and you will find good business results, a powerful system for connecting and greater relationships.

I refer to this as “R-Commerce.” In my book, Relationship Marketing: It’s NOT about the E-Commerce (Electronics); It’s about the R-Commerce (Relationships), I talk about this extensively. Remember that business is always about people to people connections, not just a Business To Business or Business To Consumer connection.

No, technological advancements do not erode human contact. As it has been through human history and advancements in technology have come and gone, we see it is most important to connect person-to-person however it is best for the moment and the situation. Always focus on the person. Always focus on being authentic and genuine with people.

This is important. What do you think? Please send a tweet to let the world know about this. My Twitter handle is @TerryBrock and I’ll look forward to hearing from you. You can also leave a comment on my post.

The answer in business, and in life, is to have several communication tools available to use as needed. Be knowledgable of each tool’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, it is important to understand the desired communication method of the recipient. Some people prefer one medium over another. Be sensitive to that.

Terry Brock, President and CEO
Achievement Systems, Inc.
www.terrybrock.com, terry@terrybrock.com


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