B The Change Weekly: February 7, 2020

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By committing to a more inclusive economy, Certified B Corporations commit to creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds and experiences to work that supports them and their families and allows them to contribute to their communities.

Sometimes this means B Corps step forward to forge new paths for others to follow, and other times it means B Corps take a step back to create a larger circle so others can join and collaborate — and even take the lead.

This week B The Change Weekly highlights examples — such as innovative hiring models, outreach to future workers, and workplace programs that encourage honest conversations — to help you lead, collaborate, learn, and collectively improve the impact of the B Economy.

Twice a year, Namasté Solar offers a “Right Use of Power” workshop for its workers that explains behaviors that perpetuate oppression and unhealthy power dynamics in the workplace and beyond. (Photo courtesy Namasté Solar)

Creating Change — Small and Large

Through business practices and worker programs, B Corps are taking action to better reflect and serve the world around them. As they aim to improve their impact on all stakeholders — including consumers, workers, and community — they work to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces, so that business works for everyone.

This B The Change article shares examples of innovative equity, diversity and inclusion work at a variety of B Corps, and highlights how small and large programs at small and large companies can add up to real, significant change.

Shining a Light on Diversity

B Corp Bulb operates on the belief that companies have a social and environmental responsibility over and above making a profit, and that building a diverse team is a crucial part of the journey.

On B The Change, Bulb shares how it is combining data with a human touch to improve diversity among its team of employees.

Digging into Racial Equity

Since opening as a single-scoop shop in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s has grown into a global business with a three-part mission focused on making fantastic ice cream, creating sustainable financial growth, and finding innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Read on B The Change how Ben & Jerry’s social mission has grown alongside its collection of ice cream flavors to include advocacy for racial and criminal justice, democracy and fair trade.

Stay in the Know

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