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Danielle Tate is an accidental entrepreneur. Her name change, mishaps after marriage, sparked the idea for an online name change service for newlyweds. With zero business background, Tate bootstrapped MissNowMrs.com a service that condenses 13 hours of form completion and filing into 30 minutes for $30 dollars. In her journey to building her idea into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, she always searched for a book that spoke to her as an intelligent woman, but one that didn’t assume she had an MBA.

Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company is the book that Tate wrote to fill the void in startup books for women lacking business education. The book has been called “A MUST read for every entrepreneurial woman who is considering starting her own business or currently has one they are looking to grow.”

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Comprised of Tate’s personal journey, key business concepts, and over 25 interviews with prominent entrepreneurs such as Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank, Jenny Fleiss of Rent the Runway, and Marsha Firestone of Women Presidents’ Organization, Elegant Entrepreneur delivers an approachable 12-step guide to growing from idea to exit and includes sections on how it feels to be living each step as an woman entrepreneur.

Tate’s mission for her book is to lower the barriers to entry and success for future female founders by demystifying entrepreneurship and highlighting the benefits of controlling one’s income, working hours, and definition of success.

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