Lydia Muso Lesotho Child Counciling Unit

Lydia Muso

Founder & Director, Lesotho Child Counseling Unit, Lesotho. An orphanage that she founded in 2001 to provide a temporary and safe home for the rehabilitative care of sexually, physically, and emotionally abused children.

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Ela Gandhi Gandhi Development Trust

Ela Gandhi

Founder & Trustee Gandhi Development Trust. She is a founding member of the Natal Organization of Women, which joined the ANC Women’s League, joined the ANC and the SACP in which she was chosen as a central committee member. Ela was nominated and accepted to serve on the Legal Aid Board of South Africa.

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Sylvia Owori guest wisdom exchange tv

Sylvia Owori

Leading African fashion icon and businesswoman from Uganda. Designer, Publisher, Founder. Africa Woman Magazine Women, Zipa Modelling Agency, Sylvia Owori Designs & Boutique, Sylvia Owori Foundation among others.

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