The Evolution of Wisdom Exchange Tv

A journey from 2011 to the present day

Wisdom Exchange Tv was launched as an educational resource for African women to learn, lead, and succeed in life, business, and community. It was a forum where women of all disciplines were inspired by the achievements of African women, trailblazers, pioneers, and leaders of many, in business, education, advocacy, and politics. These women are the change-agents of African companies, communities, countries, and continent.

African pioneering women inspired us to stretch our vision of what we can do, and what we can be. Strategies and tactics are shared as each woman imparts ‘HOW TO’ insights in her area of expertise. Leadership lessons from the front lines are shared and provide an opportunity for peers and future leaders to learn about what to avoid and what to do to succeed. Wisdom Exchange Tv is not a profile site, but an educational resource where African women lead the way for other Africans.

Zulfat Mukarubega and Suzanne F. StevensWisdom Exchange’s mission was to invest in, inspire, and develop the African women leaders of today for tomorrow. We believe the more women who obtain a higher education, the more a  positive rippling effect on the family, business, and communities. Women’s insight, perspective, and determination are what make an investment in their education a way of circumventing the social injustices while promoting their gifts for the community, country, and continent to appreciate.Susan Muhwezi with Suzanne F. Stevens


After interviewing over seventy pioneering African women from seventeen countries, the founders (Suzanne F. Stevens and Michael K. Gingerich) of Wisdom Exchange Tv were awe-inspiring.

Each of these pioneers demonstrated perseverance, tenacity, belief, and unwavering dedication to uplift the lives of others through their contributions to their community, country, and beyond. Most of these women came from very humble beginnings, and yet they were rich in an ability to address a human rights violation or creating sustainable opportunities for fellow citizens all while creating a positive ripple effect. Their aspirations were realized because of their courage, their character, and their choice to serve society.

In the West, we often talk about leaving a legacy; that is something we think about doing later in life. African women live their legacy; it is a philosophy of how they live their life. These women are on the propitious of transforming African societies – because they lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

Pioneering African women inspired YouMeWe Social Impact Group – the parent company of Wisdom Exchange Tv. Through their leadership,  the founders two years travelling Africa, and extensive research, Suzanne and Mike formulated the YouMeWe mindset.

youmewe you


You -Are you conscious of your social contribution’s impact? Are you helping or hurting?

youmewe me


Me – Do you want to maximize your meaning? Harness your unique gifts, life purpose, mission, and values to contribute to uplift society?

youmewe we


We -What do we need to do consistently to amplify our impact sustainably while creating a positive ripple effect?


Although African women pioneers will continue to be interviewed on Wisdom Exchange Tv, we felt that the Irene E. Kiwia with Suzanne F. Stevensmessage of conscious-contributions™ is universal.  We will continue to interview leaders who contribute to their communities – be it through commerce, activism, nonprofit or volunteerism. No matter where the interviewee is from, we are always seeking to understand and learn how they consistently, consciously, contribute to the community or beyond.

The goal of the YouMeWe Social Impact Group is to raise consciousness and inspire individuals and organizations to lead or participate in contributions that positively impact their community, country, or beyond. Immediate and long-term goals are promoting a more caring, kind, and inclusive humanity.

Please join us on this journey of YouMeWe. Wisdom Exchange Tv is a conduit for the voices, views, and visionaries to come into your home where you can learn to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.


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