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More than 40 million people worldwide are in forced labour. Some of them may be in your supply chain. Here’s how to target modern slavery.

This podcast was created by the Network for Business Sustainability, a growing network of more than 7,000 researchers and managers committed to advancing sustainable business.

It can hard be to spot the signs of modern slavery. In this podcast, two experts share best practices for business on this issue. Elaine Mitchel-Hill is business and human rights lead at Marshalls PLC in the United Kingdom. Andy Crane is professor of business and society at the University of Bath.

In this podcast segment, Crane and Mitchel-Hill explain how modern slavery is more complex and subtle than the images in our heads. It’s not people in chains and it’s not an issue only prevalent in developing countries, they say. It can be caused by intimidation—debt bondage would be the most common form of control—leading to violence and involuntary work.

To spot the signs of such practices, Crane and Mitchel-Hill discuss:

  • Addressing slavery by working with suppliers.
  • Working with partners to address the societal issues that lead to slavery.
  • Understanding that slavery exists in developed as well as developing countries.
  • Starting by analyzing your company’s risk factors.
  • Getting on the ground with supply chain and employees.
  • Knowing that it requires training to identify signs of modern slavery.
  • Trying to improve overall working conditions.

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