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Now that I am a parent, I realise that is is not an easy job to do but you have to always do your best at all given time because you are a mother
I have my mother to thank for all the principles she instilled in me
I have to thank her for all the discipline, for saying No when I really expected a yes!
I would like to thank her for just being a perfect parent but yet a failure in certain aspect
That to me goes to prove that she was truly trying hard to make our lives comfortable and stress free in the future

There is just one unique thing about my mother and grandmother, they use to wake up daily at 12 am to pray
What were they praying for?…. just PROTECTION
Protection from what(you may be asking) especially if we were that poor, we were not VIP’s
We never asked any questions because thats how were brought up…..Dont question me young gal, Do as I say….was the daily phrase
But I remeber that,it use to disturb our sleep a lot,
Mymom use to always say Dela ubuthongo, abubuyiseli, Dela ubuthono!
We would kneel besides our beds, me and my sister, like zombies
We knew it was the house rule and everyone who lives under Thilili’s roof obeyed Thilili’s rules
I have failed to make that a habit untill now
But looking back, seeing miracles in our lives
But I have learnt that sleep should never be my friend….Dela ubuthongo
Seeing how God has trully protected me and my sister
I thank God for having an opportunity to learn about prayer, consistance, persistance, patience and knowing that
If he is for me who can be against me?

Now that I am older, I realise the importance of praying for protection from evil, fromm failure, from peer presure, from discoragement etc
The devil cannot come to this world personally
He uses people, sometimes the ones that you have developed so much trust for
He may use your own family, friends, colleagues, business partners and even your partner
The enermy is very smart, he will not use the stranger nut will use the people that are very close to you

How many times have you met people who seemed very nice and genuine
It has happened to me many times
The evil ones are ussually the nicest of them all
They say what is right, in a right tone, the right way
They find the your need and then feed on it, manipulate and control you forever, if you let them
They entangle you so tight that you will think twice before letting go
Most of the times even when people around you warn you, you will be the first person to defend them

Have you seen a woman in an emotional, physical abusive relationship or a child that is being raped by the family member
Instead of dealing with the issue and the perpetuator
They blame themselves and refuse to leave the person for so many reason
But I know if this person can just take a fasting for 3 days, lock their house, switch off the phone
Pray as much as possible, read the bible, feed their mind with positive thoughts
Probably wake up daily at 12am to pray like my grandmother and mom(difficult to do)
They will find the protection for their emotions, weakness,kind heart
Sometimes bad things happen to the most kindhearted people
Please lets give our kindness to him to protect it
Because there are those out there, well experienced in abusing our kindness

This blog is to remind you today that there is a free protection, a protection from heaven
It is free, true, honest, always avaiilable for you
Just connect it will be there for you
You have the free body guards, the angels that guide and protect you from any evil that you might be faced with
God has provided us

1 Sam 2:9 says He will protect his faithfull ones but the wicked ones dissapear in the darkness
What I like about our God is that he want you to do something to get something
Kodwa thina asikufuni loko, sifuna okuhle kodwa noma sibabi okanye sibahle
Uthi the faithful ones, that is the challenge no for his protection
I said my family were religiously praying at 12 am
They will circle the house, the yard and each and every bedroom, everyday
That is faithfullness, commitment, the real desire for this protection
We all know nothing come easy in life, it is all hard work and sacrifies

I have seen God making the wicked ones dissapear in their own darkness that they have created
I have seen God making the liers dissapear in their own lies
I have seen him making those who have malicious intent dissapear in their wicked ways
Yes he makes those gossiping about you dissapear in their words
The key is to let him protect you, dont protect yourself
In life we need to learn just to let it e
Do you know that some friendships and collegeal teamspirits and groups are there because you are always the topic
Some visit each other just to talk about you
Yes those very close ones, yes your family
Your name, your actions is the glue that binds them
The bible say Jabulani nithooze uma benithuka ngoba MUKHULU umvuzo wakho ezulwini
Uba mkhulu kanjani baba ngoba bangicofa left right and center
Ujehova akafani nanbantu abathathwa ukuthi ubani uthini ngawe
He looks at the intentions of the actions not the action itself

Gen 15:1 says”Sometime later , the lord spoke to Abraham in a vision sayin, Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you
Do not be afraid is te main part here!
Fear is our worse enemy, another point of prayer when praying for his protection
We see this line very often in the bible…..Moses Do not be afraid, Do not be afraid
God cannot work where there is fear
Where there is fear there is dought
People are just too scared out there
If you are not scared these days you seem crazy
If God is for us who can be against us and why should I fear
It is arrogance and disrespect not to fear at times
A person who is not scared, angers a lot of people
People like to be feared as well
But God says Do not be afraid,
Now tell me why are you afraid of him or her or that business plan thats in your mind, that exam, that speech, that perfomance, that appearance
He siad he will do what, she said she will do what? Do not be afraid

Fear causes instability, loss of logic, loss of crittical thinking, decharacterises, makes you loose respect, makes you do and say stupid things, makes you loose your money, job, friendship
Dont be hasty, we are comanded! Dont rush
Fear makes you pannic and rush into decission
Do not be afarid

The mistake we tend to do when God protect us sometimes is to try and stop the process
You never knwo how he will protect you
He may take that best friend away
He may allow that fight to occur
He may take that car away because it was going to kill you in an accident
He may allow you to fail because more danger will be on that job
He may allow you to lose that man or women you love so much because she may drive you to sanity in the future
But we cry, beg him to stop, we hurt and sometimes he feel our pain and allow you to learn more
Why do you think she is cheating on you so many times despite all your forgiveness
Why is he beating you to coma despite your forgiveness
Do not be afraid, I will protect you
Do not stop his protection process

One thing that is worth learning is
God bring some people to your life on contract basis and some on permanent basis
If he brings a plumber, he will fix the leaking tap and go, dont make adopt him
If he bring a friend who later dissapoint you, that friend was on contract basis
Its for you to look back and find the reason why that person came in your life’
If his contract is over, why should he stay, on what terms, to do what
Abraham named the animals and he let them go
Because if he did not let them go
Some anymals will have 2 names, angel and the dvil at the same time
A great man and a dog, cheat at the same time
If you let him go, he would have one entrance name and just an exit nickname
Healing is also easier that way

If I never went through that divorce, I would be dead by now
I would have not studied to this level
My son would have not learnt perseviarance
I would have not been wise and strong

If Oncology department treated me well
I would have not learnt persaviarance
I would have not learnt who to trust and who not to trust
I would have not known discremination and victimisation
I would have not learnt that friends can betray and sell you
I would have not learnt that even those you have sacrificed all for will sell you just for a woolworths meal
I would have not learnt the things I know now
I would have not learnt how to fight against racism
I would have not learnt to defend my patients and beg for them to be treated even when they smell and cant bent their knees
I would have not learnt to have passion for my rural community

Sometimes you have to allow the enemy to attack you so HE CAN pROTECT YOU


Originally posted on Thandeka Mazibuko by thandi.