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Easter is here! Yes the joy of know that Jesus is went through so much just for our salvation. I know we try to do so much for our friends, colleagues and especially family and sometimes it doesn’t seem enough. This Easter break gives me an opportunity to do some more of giving sharing and just being a friend, sister, daughter and mother. Today as I sit waiting for one of my sons to close school and sending his brother to pick him, I’m filled with joy knowing that they are part of my life’s achievements. Of course, I’m only able to blog at this hour because the last born is still asleep and yet the joy of knowing that my morning will be filled with family activity and my Easter with more celebration and sharing gives me peace that surpasses human understanding.

It is this peace that I wish upon you as you share your Easter too. I pray that the peace of Christ extends to the wider Christian community and to Kenya especially in the wake of terror attack. May God’s presence be with you all.

Happy blessed Easter!

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