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Her Excellency, Nouzha Chekrouni, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada


Happy Women’s Day!

What better way to celebrate how far women have come than with an interview with a Muslim politician from Morocco.

Many societies have preconceived ideas that women’s voices are not heard in Islamic countries. You will gain great insight into what Morocco is doing to create parity amongst its citizens.

It was an honour to interview Her Excellency Nouzha Chekrouni, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada. In this candid discussion, she openly shares her perspective of the evolution of Morocco and how she had to adapt to have her vision realized.

As the first female Minister in Morocco she shares insights into:

1.     The importance of upbringing
2.     How to be persistent for a cause
3.     How to lead and collaborate to gain buy-in
4.     And how Islamic communities all over the       world can benefit from the Moroccan experience and Morocco’s new constitution.

Her Excellency Nouzha Chekrouni is humbly the first women in Morocco who:
Was elected to the party’s regional political board
Arab woman named Vice President of IS.
Had the title of Minister
It is clear having more women in politics will benefit all of society.

Watch, listen or read this interview to see how standing-up for what you believe in can change your country’s destiny. A difficult journey, but a legacy that a society will appreciate for generations to come.



What women do you know that are changing your community in a profound way?


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