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B the Change Weekly: June 28, 2019

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With the climate crisis generating dire warnings — from accelerated extinction that endangers up to a million species to higher sea levels that threaten highly populated urban areas — the clock is ticking on the need for action.

This climate countdown isn’t new to Certified B Corporations, which acknowledge it and take action through addressing their impact on the environment and aiming for improvements. But have we hit the point when good is not enough? It’s a heavy question without any easy answers, but members of the B Corp community know that their actions can lead to large changes that make a real difference.

This week we highlight B Corps doing good for the Earth and partnering with others to amplify their impact — to better protect our planet and provide for our long-term future.

SDGs in Action: Collaborating to Address the Climate Crisis

Since its start nearly 25 years ago, family-owned B Corp Badger has grown from making and selling one body-care product to more than 100 while maintaining its Earth-minded standards for minimal processing and a sustainable supply chain. As global climate concerns grow, Badger finds power in collaborating with its work community, supplier network and industry colleagues to restore balance and harmony to our planet.

On B the Change, Badger’s Rebecca Hamilton shares how the B Corp and other companies can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and collaborate on climate change solutions.

Time to Declare a Climate Emergency

As the climate crisis attracts a global wave of attention generated by scientists and activists — with reports, protests and plenty of headlines — those who prefer business as usual may think, or even hope, this is a passing tremor that will soon be forgotten. But B Lab co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert says those who understand the urgency of the climate crisis also are creating a seismic shift that’s beginning to shake the foundations of institutional power.

Read more from Coen Gilbert on why it’s time for business leaders to take bold action and declare a climate emergency.

Feeding Growth with Partners Who Share Your Values

In an industry that offers convenience but generates a considerable amount of plastic waste, B Corp Fresh Prep from the start had a goal to offer the most sustainable meal kit on the market. With that goal achieved, the British Columbia business is finding investment partners to expand its business while further reducing its environmental impact.

Read on B the Change how Fresh Prep finds investment partners who understand the importance of people, community and impact on the environment as business priorities.

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