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B The Change Weekly: July 2, 2020

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For businesses that operate with a focus beyond profit, the tumult in recent months has created new challenges while also unearthing long-standing problems in our systems and society. The need for change is evident; the path forward is uncertain.

But Certified B Corporations and other stakeholder-minded organizations have resources, partnerships, and practices — highlighted in the articles below — to build upon as they start or continue their journey to dismantle systemic racism.

As Anthea Kelsick, co-CEO of B Lab U.S. & Canada, said during the recent State of the B online event: “It does take discomfort to drive change.” But this journey of uncertainty and unease can produce an inclusive and regenerative economy that works for all.

B Corps: Learning, Acting and Organizing Together

As businesses navigate tumultuous times, the B Corp community in North America gathered virtually for its annual look ahead, known as the State of the B.

Leaders from B Corps and B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies B Corps, shared the steps they have taken so far to dismantle systemic racism and how others can start or continue their own journeys.

Moving from Words to Action to Address Systemic Racism

Amid racial justice protests across the U.S. and around the world, many companies and organizations issued statements denouncing systemic racism. Those looking to put those words into impactful action can turn to steps and measures that Carolina Miranda of B Corp Cultivating Capital outlines on B The Change.

Stakeholder Capitalism: A Systems-Responsible Approach

As business leaders chart a way forward during the coronavirus pandemic, Tripp Baird of B Corp The Builders Fund says they must elevate their thinking beyond a return to “normal” and identify the systemic problems upstream to understand why we are where we are. On B The Change, he shares four steps for shifting to a new model of stakeholder capitalism.

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