RePurpose Is on a Mission Toward a Plastic-Free Future with the World’s First Plastic Credit Platform

Svanika Balasubramanian is CEO and co-founder of rePurpose.

Fifteen trucks of plastic flush into the oceans every minute. So how do we make any sort of significant dent in the amount of plastic that’s being created and the amounts of plastic waste disposed of improperly?

CEO of rePurpose Svanika Balasubramanian and her two co-founders are doing everything they can to remove as much plastic from our environment as possible. With the world’s first plastic credit platform, the rePurpose team is helping brands and businesses get certified Plastic Neutral by removing from the environment as much plastic waste as they produce — making an important step toward a circular economy.

They accomplish this through a global impact network of vetted recycling projects and circular innovations across six countries and three continents, where they deploy crucially needed finance to scale up environmental impact.

Balasubramanian is fueled by two passions: pushing the charge for a circular economy and finding new ways to integrate podcasts into her day. During this Grow Ensemble podcast, she discusses the unique angle of this plastic waste issue that the rePurpose team members chose to focus on, and how they came across it.

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Bonus material: Get the full show notes and extras for this episode.

A majority of the waste generated in the United States is exported to Third World countries. RePurpose and its partners work to limit the impact of this waste on the environment.

Listen to our episode with Balasubramanian for these key takeaways:

  • How rePurpose went from an honors thesis to a full-blown company.
  • What’s responsible for the company’s quick and exceptional growth.
  • Insights that Balasubramanian has learned about plastic waste on her journey.
  • The importance of an intentional company culture.

Bonus material: Get the full show notes and extras for this episode.

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