B the Change Weekly: September 27, 2019

The expected career trajectory is changing rapidly as new generations move into the workforce. Studies show that millennials often change jobs, and even industries, an average of four times in their first 10 years of employment, which is twice as often as the preceding Gen Xers. Reports cite multiple reasons: Employees looking for more purpose and responsibility coupled with some employers treating employees as disposable.

Certified B Corporations, which consider workers among their key stakeholders, aim to improve employees’ lives at and beyond the workplace — and see better statistics on employee satisfaction (and longer job stints with employees) as a result.

This week, B the Change Weekly highlights employee-friendly practices at Best For The World: Workers honorees, which stand out from the business crowd through ownership opportunities, job flexibility, fair-chance hiring policies, and other employee-friendly practices that build bottom-line success by valuing and empowering all workers.

Employees at Ian Martin Group, a 2019 Best For The World: Workers honoree, gather for an off-site event.

‘A Massive Change-Management Project’

As a 2019 Best For The World: Workers honoree, B Corp Ian Martin Group puts into practice the latest science on human behavior and motivation in its recruiting and hiring services for engineering, technology and other industries. The B Corp took the idea of practicing autonomy, mastery, and purpose to a new level by starting a shift toward a self-management organizational structure back in 2015.

On B the Change, hear why CEO and Chief Steward Tim Masson says the switch is paying off for the B Corp, its workers, and its clients.

Why Businesses Should Flex for Their Workers

Do maximum work hours equal maximum productivity? Research confirms that’s not the case, showing that the average employee stays productive for less than three hours a day, regardless of how much time they stay in the office. B Corps and other businesses that consider workers among their stakeholders know the success of their companies depends on both the happiness and the productivity of their employees.

Conscious Company Media shares five ways that businesses can create a more flexible work culture that helps employees be their best selves — personally and professionally — in this article on B the Change.

Breaking Down the Mental Health Stigma

The public-relations industry — service-based work with client requests and deadlines that don’t always fit the 9-to-5 model — regularly ranks among the most stressful jobs in the United Kingdom. Reports indicate that one in three PR workers there experiences a form of mental illness, compared to the national average of one in four.

Those factors pushed London-based Forster Communications, a 2019 Best For The World: Workers and Governance honoree, into pioneering work around the issue. Read more on B the Change about the B Corp’s work on a three-year anti-stigma campaign on mental health.

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