Ignite Excellence’s highly acclaimed influential communication training for business, leadership, and sales development is now being offered to individuals and organizations online via igniteU – on-line influence university.Over the last decade, Fortune 500 Companies on four continents have invested in their employees’ performance using Ignite Excellence’s training solutions with winning results. The affordable on-line solutions include several programs that traditionally take two to four intensive days to complete, but you can now complete a world-class program over two months with short modules delivered weekly, or fast track and receive all the modules at once and have access for 30 days to each module. You decide.

The programs that will accelerate your career and differentiate you as a leader, sales person, or businessperson are designed so you can start utilizing the skills immediately after each module with exercises you can incorporate into your everyday communications.

Ignite Excellence programs focus on developing the skills needed throughout the Business Communication Cycle; we have training solutions for anyone who communicates and wants to influence internal and/or external stakeholders to a positive outcome.

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All igniteU’s programs will teach you to:

  1. Influence stakeholders in every interaction
  2. Differentiate you, your offer or solution and your company
  3. Engage more people and more business.

Once your programs are complete, you will:

  1. Have worksheets from each module that will create a workbook for future reference
  2. Receive Ignite Insights for continued development
  3. Receive a certificate of your participation in an Ignite Excellence Inc. influential communications program to share with employers.

Most importantly, once any program is complete, you will have the skills to confidently influence, differentiate, and engage more people and more business.

The Business Communication Cycle, has many of the components required to win, maintain and execute business. We have training programs for the entire cycle. If a program is not yet available and you would like to develop in a particular skill, please click to fill out Ignite Excellence training program inquiry. You will receive notice when the program is launched with a special introductory rate.

Suzanne F. Stevens - YouMeWe
Suzanne F. Stevens - YouMeWe

Conscious-Contributions™ Cultivator: Author, Professional Speaker, Moderator, and Social Entrepreneur. Founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group — igniting a culture where your contribution counts for you • your company • your community. YouMeWe.ca | we@youmewe.ca