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Influential holistic communications development to build confidence, credibility, and commitment.

Receive business development at your pace, your time and at affordable cost. Leading Lady Series designed for the women that want to exude confidence, creditability and gain commitment in every interaction. Learn more.

Leading Lady Series – Influential holistic communications development to build confidence, credibility, and commitment, while influencing, differentiating, and engaging more people and more business. The ability to effectively communicate and to influence is mission critical to your personal and professional growth.  The Leading Lady Series is a collection of influential communication training programs designed for people who occupy a variety of roles, including leadership, consulting or sales, and implementation responsibilities.

You will gain insight on how to bolster your career and life through developing influential communication skills. In addition to the extensive and comprehensive online programs, Ignite Excellence also provides you with “Ignite Insights” from international ‘Leading Ladies’ in business, politics, education and philanthropy on “how to” build and grow your career, company or institution.

The Leading Lady Series of programs will focus on the specific skills needed for success throughout the business development cycle, and to enhance your overall development, taking your influential communication skills to a higher level.

The Leading Lady Series focuses on these fundamental beliefs:

People are complex and have rational, emotional, and political/cultural reasons for making decisions. We need to understand how decisions are made in order to influence our peers, board of directors, employees and bosses.

Who would benefit from the Leading Lady Series?

  • Although each solution is targeted to a particular skill, these solutions are designed for any woman who feels she can improve her influential communication techniques in her personal or business environment.
  • Women in emerging countries who are:
    • Managers, Executives, and Entrepreneurs, who lead
    • Women who are involved in the execution of a project, including, but not limited to, Project Managers
    • Individuals who work with colleagues over whom they have no authority, but need to influence to get their job or project complete, and/or to win new business
    • Teams who need to collaborate and work more effectively together
    • Professionals who are experts in their field and hold a dual role of business development and consulting directly with clients.
    • Experts and novices who need a holistic approach to winning and maintaining business

Please note:

These programs/solutions are relevant to all women, however special insights are provided into the challenges women face in emerging countries.  These insights are not embedded in the program itself, but sent separately as support material.

Ignite Excellence believes that people perform best at the edge of their comfort zone. Our goal is to take you to your edge to reach your personal and professional potential.

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