Yes have seen it!
Yes I saw its peak between 2007 and 2009
Yes it had a beautiful masked face
Wonderful make-up
Covered in a very expensive and glorious veil
I did not anticipate it too
I did not know its existance
My own domestic worker mother has never seen its true colours
She has not touched it but I have
She has not babysitted it, oh yes I have
I have changed it nappies since 2007
Still delaing with its residual diarhoea that cannot be cured
I have cleaned its vomit
I have silenced its cry so the world would not hear
This baby that should have died but yet still alive
Oh yes this racism baby is so alive
So hidden in diplomacy of fake smiles
Hidden in the books I am not allowed to read
In the mismanagement and abuse of patients
In the entrance criteria of the PHD scholars
Oh yes! It was amazing to see it
It was shocking to see its face
But whats done is done
It cannot be erased
Because I have seen it and have heard it

Oh!! Oh Wait I will tell you
Dont rush me with the descriptive questions
It is neither black nor white’
Neither rich nor poor
But I can assure, it looks so stupid
It is hillarious
It has no sense and makes no sense
Like only this colour is allowed
Forgeting that Oops! people are not a laundry which has to be seperated according to colours

It is full of scars of lost battles
It has an arrogant sad looking face
It works too hard and achieve nothing
It is full of a temporay smile that is unsustainable
It has long ears that only hears the destructive message
It has blind eyes, et so convinced that it can see
Yes it still exists because I saw it

It is so contradictory, incoherent, filled with foolish lies
It turns a real man that you respected into a puppet
It sadly suck the itelligence out of an academic brain
It takes drain the honour from a use to be an honourable man

Today it is white in colour
Sadly it can take another colour
It can be black with thebackground strong white colour
It can be blue, yellow, red and pink I suppose
It is unpredictable, so unstable and incriminating

It avoids writing and formal forums
It is more verbal and backstabbing
It takes a black paint
Try hard to paint a white sheet
When the world looks at this sheet it was trying to paint
It remains white
It leaves no mark to the innocent
Yet multiple mars to itself
It is a sad face when confronted
Hence it always run away from the confrontation
It hides from the mirror
I told you it is so hillarious
It turns its face into a circus and a joke

It tries hard to win
Loose before even trying
It is so stupid that it will continue to fight after defeat
Win to the shortsightedness of its vision and goals
It fights the hopeless and helpless
It harrases, it abuses

I should have not seen it
But its existance was allowed and supported
It was good that it was so because today you see it through my eyes

Keep this face
Dont cover it like you have been doing
Show it to he sun
Burn it with the sun
Dont put make up on it
Rather we see it and face it, that yes it exists
Than thinkig, it is not there or dont exist any longer
Than pretending to ourselves that it is gone from everyone
When it shows itself
It is crying for help
Then help deal with it
Those wh enforce it
Are crying for help
So help them
And please while helping unmask and dealing with it
Forgive it, hold no grudges
Like the bible says,
Forgive them father for they dont know what they are doing
And they dont know who tey are doing it to.

Do not stop the request for my academic freedom
It is your right
You do not owe anybody any explaination
You are a south african
You deserve the education too as their children and daughters
One day when you die
They will know that once existed a warrior, an ambasodor of freedom
It is written n their anger when they see you
That you are an ambassador for freedom
Let Academic freedom Reign

President Mandea said