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I had become part of a discussion on somebody’s page/status on Facebook regarding beauty pageants , whereby the individual has been complaining about companies sponsoring beauty pageants while there are so many social problems in the country.
However this individual has avidly pointed out that football sponsorship is different because it is has more advantages to the nation.
This is male chauvinism IMHO!! Both football and beauty pageants from a pragmatic point of view is waste of time because they test people’s body abilities and have weird rules. In football you have 22 grown men on a field chasing one ball in shorts. In beauty pageants you have women teetering on high heels with make up to compete in brains and beauty. They are both leisure activities that have been honed and specialized to become international events. They both have fans or fanatics and pull crowds. 
Using this explanation it is therefore understandable why companies that want to market their goods and to gain visibility will rush to sponsor such events. Therefore there is no sponsorship that is better than the other.
But then comes another argument, football brings good salaries or pay to men who take part… of course not yet in Tanzania but Brazil is a good example… but those who argue this are ignorant of the fact that the same applies to beauty queens that best can be seen in countries like Venezuela, Brazil and Puerto Rico where governments pay beauty pageant organizers and winners. Why? For the same reason they pay coaches and football players … because they bring pride to the nation and they publicize the name of the country. 
Flaviana Matata put Tanzania on the map doing more than 3 months worth of marketing by Tanzanian government, because when she won 1 billion people from all over the world watched her. And she was not called Flaviana Matata, but TANZANIA. Same goes to Miriam Odemba at Miss Earth last year. Where was the appreciation from the government and the society? Yet the parliamentarians and the government were eager to line up to donate and to welcome Taifa Stars after they won one international match. This is male chauvinism IMHO.

Today if you go to USA and say you are from the same country as Flaviana Matata they will know that you are from Tanzania. Try saying Taifa stars in the US and see their confused reaction!
So let us put aside male chauvinism and acknowledge that if sponsorship for beauty pageants are undesirable so is sponsorship of football, otherwise let us treat male pastime and female pastime equally.

Originally posted on IMHO by Maria Sarungi Tsehai.

Maria Sarungi Tsehai
Maria Sarungi Tsehai

An activist and advocate for change in Tanzania. Promotes positive change and education particularly for women. Known for launching the #changeTanzania hashtag on Twitter.

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