This one is for you, ladies. But gentlemen–you’ll want to listen in. You may find that you relate.

Today is American Business Women’s Day. A day to honor the contributions of women. And, a day to claim and deepen those contributions through acknowledging and redirecting four of the most significant ways women hold themselves back.

Ladies. Colleagues. As you read, be honest. Do these self-saboteurs resonate with you?

Do you find that as you run your business you:

1. Hit snooze on your BS detector

You know something just isn’t right. About a person. A situation. A decision you’ve made. A request you’re fielding. Something’s out of whack, out of alignment.

But, you ignore the niggling feeling. You tell yourself you’ll “keep tabs”…see how things unfold. It’s not that big of a deal. It can wait. The truth?

You get busy. Other, more pressing issues take your attention away. The next time you check in, what was a little out of alignment has steam-rolled into a major issue.

More of your time and energy is needed to fix it than if you had just paid attention–if you had just “nipped it in the bud” in the beginning.

Listen to your intuition. Tune in to it. Honor it. Use it. Trust yourself. Save yourself unnecessary depletions of time and energy.

2. Let work rob you of your joy

You love your work. You love the people you work with. You love your company. It’s like a child to you. With needs that are always–always–on your mind.

Satisfying those needs can be exhilarating. Affirming.

Yet, there’s a tipping point. A point at which taking care of your business can take over your life. When you’re in it, it can be hard to see when you’ve crossed that line. Your work runs you rather than you running it.

You may need to depend on others to signal you when you’ve crossed the line.

When was the last time you felt pure joy that had nothing to do with work? Joy that came from simple moments with yourself or those you love. Are those moments rare?

Take stock. Be honest with yourself about what you see.

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