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The other day I receive a note from one of Ignite Excellence Foundation recipients. It is when I receive these messages of the impact one person can make, it re-energizes me. The running of a foundation, fund raising and finding the candidates that we believe will create a positive ripple effect takes time, energy and money. As challenging as it can be, when we have found out that we have invested in a woman is starting to make her impact on the community, particularly serving the injustices done to women and children… well it is enough to keep me going for a very long time.

Thank you Esther for sharing!!!

Dear Suzanne,

Trust you are well.

I have been busy doing my Internship at Nairobi Women’s Hospital. This is a great privilege, I am truly enjoying the experience. I am handling issues like rape cases, sodomy, defilement and physical assault for women, young boys and girls. I have realized women are more vulnerable to these challenges and therefore need empowerment.

I  handled a case that traumatized me, of a woman who was raped and as a result got HIV.  She got pregnant and then lost her job. But I was able to council her, this indeed has touched me as I have passion to work with women to empower them and help them with their counseling and psychological issues.

I appreciate Ignite Excellence Foundation’s  supporting of a woman like me, so I can be able to help those that need my help.

I will finish my Internship mid of October.

Regards to family and friends and the Ignite Excellence donors.

Esther Robeya
Ignite Excellence Scholarship Recipient

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