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Wisdom Exchange TV has recently unveiled some compilation of Leading Ladies at a recent REDI Business women event in Swaziland. After completing 41 interviews in East Africa we have ventured to Southern Africa to start interviews in many of the countries again with the same goals:

1. Celebrate African women leaders
2. Educate future leaders with the strategies, tactics and leadership lessons of African women pioneers, trailblazers and leaders of many.

We share this short compilation of what makes Africa leading Ladies unique and their Words of Wisdom to other African ladies. African women are unique as they Live their Leadership Legacy; they are not waiting to be contributor to community, country or continent.

Please share this video with friends and colleagues alike, because the more people understand that African Leading Ladies are not only the Change Agents of Africa, they are the Change Africa needs, then we will see more women leaders in key positions who will have influence over many of injustices done to women in children in Africa.

If you are interested in hearing more about the keynote that talks about Living Your Leadership Legacy, inspired by African Leading Ladies, email us at info@suzannefstevens.com. Please note: this particular keynote was designed with the objectives of the event coordinator for an African audience.

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