B The Change Weekly: July 31, 2020

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Certified B Corporations are exploring new practices and methods in business while they operate in varied industries and markets with unique challenges. But they gain strength from a common source: the learnings and practices within the B Corp community.

By prioritizing all stakeholders — people, planet, community — B Corps find new ways to engage and connect while creating collective change. This week, B The Change Weekly shares examples of community in action that can serve as a foundation for mutual support during times of crisis and industry change.

Learning Together in Times of Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic halted everyday life, B Corps turned to their community for help — and to help — by leaning into impact and preparing for the long term. B Lab has curated recent B Corp learnings and best practices into topic lists so companies can support and learn from one another in a community of action.

Local Media: Where Transparency and Community Meet

In the last 15 years, digital media and social networks have shifted the news business from quality to quantity while prioritizing clicks over facts, says Max Kabat, who owns B Corp goodDog and publishes two community newspapers in west Texas. B Corps can help reverse this trend by reallocating some marketing dollars to local media while uplifting their core values of transparency and community and engaging with customers on a deeper level.

How to Build Movements on Purpose

When looking to engage with stakeholders around social and environmental values, B Corps can learn from the work of community organizers, activists, and social workers. On B The Change, Sean David Smith shares tips so purpose-driven business leaders can build stronger connections with stakeholders through empowerment, messaging, and mobilizing.

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