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B the Change Weekly: May 24, 2019

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Change in the workplace can take many forms: technology, culture, innovation and more. Companies that embrace change as a positive force for workers, environment and community can create opportunities for themselves and other businesses.

This week on B the Change, find inspiration from Certified B Corporations that are leaning in to change and helping workers take matters into their own hands, sometimes literally. From apps that connect African artisans with expanded markets to a growing business shifting toward consensus decision-making, these uplifting B Corp practices evolve and advance the B Economy.

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Kotsanai “Kaye” Matereke is chief operations officer for SOKO, a Certified B Corporation that uses an app and other supply chain technology to connect Kenyan artisans with business opportunities.

An App That Connects Artisans With Business Opportunities

SOKO, a women-owned B Corp, works with a network of Kenyan artisans to build their businesses, improve their production capacity, and sustainably increase their income. The B Corp creates a “virtual factory” through its artisan app that helps artisans track orders, payments and deliveries as they sustainably create and market handmade fashion accessories.

On B the Change, read how SOKO is working to achieve the UN SDGs and what your business can learn from it.

Can Consensus Decision-Making Work in Business?

Company growth affects company culture. And one of the most crucial elements of culture is the way decisions are made — especially in a mission-driven organization, where buy-in and alignment are crucial to success.

Growth and unity go hand in hand at B Corp W.S. Badger Company, which shares its phases of evolution in leadership and strategic planning and outlines how the company built a leadership culture around consensus.

Startups That Sustain

A marketplace based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology connects innovators with resources to solve global challenges, including the startup gender gap. In 2017, less than 3 percent of global venture funding went to female-led teams. With 62 percent women-led startups, the 2018 MIT Solver Class strikes more than balance and advances the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 for gender equality.

On B the Change, read about four MIT Solve startups using tech to change lives and empower women around the world.

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