B The Change Weekly: August 7, 2020

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The COVID-19 shutdown orders that closed many offices, schools, and child care centers quickly created quandaries for families and businesses on top of concerns about a public health crisis and an economic plunge.

Despite these challenges, people are still demanding — and Certified B Corporations are continuing to create — businesses that provide benefit to the people and places they impact. From building family-centered policies that support parents juggling full-time work and full-time child care to demanding social and environmental impact funds be accessible to all people with a 401(k), the community of people using business as a force for good is stepping up.

Protecting Families During Times of Upheaval

COVID-19’s impacts range much deeper than the outbreak numbers, as nearly a third of the U.S. workforce has children at home — a special challenge for single parents, essential workers who cannot work remotely, and others with nontraditional schedules. While these challenges have long-term implications and lack easy solutions, B Corps are adapting their practices and turning to their purpose-driven values for guidance as they help workers navigate a new reality.

Protecting Workers’ Retirement Funds

A proposed federal rule for retirement plan administrators would make it more difficult for retirement plans to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their investing philosophy. In this B The Change article, The Shareholder Commons and B Lab outline their objections to the proposed rule, which appears to be based on an animus toward social and environmental responsibility rather than a desire to protect retirement plans.

Protecting Business Resilience with Purpose

As parts of the economy begin to reopen, the economic impacts of the coronavirus will continue to reverberate for years to come. While some companies will weather the storm, many others will not. But as author Christopher Marquis outlines in excerpts from his new report, B Corps tend to be more resilient thanks to their foundation in stakeholder governance.

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