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I’m signing back online after a 4 months break which is quite something especially when communication is part of your life but that’s a story for another day. Today I write about an incident this week in a public office where I was pleasantly served efficiently, patiently and effectively. Yes, it was a public office. The most interesting thing is that when I expected people to be difficult and not understanding, I ended up being the one not listening, not understanding and in fact not listening to instructions. So in a situation where I presume to know what I am doing and going ahead to try and do it and then I given the instructions in English and Swahili and still did the wrong thing, the officer in-charge looked at my partner is exasperation!! Then I heard the words please listen. It was then that I understood the instructions.  So all along I had been hearing but not listening but rather following that which I thought in my mind was right. Finally I was able to laugh at myself and clearly decide that hearing is not listening and I MUST listen to be able to communicate effectively.

Originally posted on Muhunyo Gladys's Blog by muhunyogn.