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Today is a beautiful day. As I write this note, I’m happy because of the decision I made this morning to maintain a positive attitude. Yes it was important to make that decision because it has guided my actions and reactions through out the whole day. I woke up before dawn! Yes and was on the road before the rest of Nairobi, just to run quick errand and I was sure to make it to the office before 8am but you know what, I had to wait for 1hr 30minutes to be served. Yes, maintained the positive attitude and when I got served, I smiled at the lady and ensured that my issue was prioritize and handled with care, I even got more undertaking to support my issue than I anticipate.(Keep cool).. Then I got to the office late (thank God for an understanding boss who I had kept posted on my issue) to see someone had totally under-represented our organisation despite an agreement of parties so I made a choice not to read the article until the end of day. Yes, I made the right choice. I have had an abundant day. Now As I sit and read what would have caused a negative day, it now looks so mild, minor and shallow. so what can I say but I continue doing what I do best. Remain active and full of life!

Originally posted on Muhunyo Gladys's Blog by muhunyogn.