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Join over 1000 women at the 14th Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) Annual Conference as we discuss Leadership… Step Up & Stand Out. Topics include The Art of Leadership, Bridging the Gap, Leveraging Leadership for Social Impact, Unearthing Opportunities in Africa amongst others. To register, click here or visit www.wimbiz.annualconference.com. You can also send an email to conference@wimbiz.org or call us on 08035946249.

The Art of Leadership
This session is designed to expose participants to the definitions of leadership: what leadership is and what it is not from the perspectives of people considered and accepted as leaders.
Specifically, this plenary session will:
  • Express and explain the “science and the art” involved in leadership: at what point does a person become a leader? What should have been done or not done to qualify as a leader? Is leading people all there is to leadership? How does one lead?
  • Identify and create a pathway to leadership from the experiences of the panelists.
  • Seek to define the life attribute of leaders including the definition of the lifestyle that is associated with leadership.
www and The Connected Woman
We are approaching the end of what some have described as “The Jet Age”; an age driven by unprecedented technological advancement. It is important for women; especially female leaders to understand how this affects their leadership. This breakout session will therefore discuss the use of technology and social media in defining the leader in every woman.  It will draw on personal experiences of the panelists in building a case for women to maximize the use of technology in positioning themselves as leaders on the job, in their businesses, in their industries and in the nation at large.

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