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I write this from Lagos, Nigeria having just completed a successful two weeks ICT4D awareness and training sessions in 4 cities. I’m definately challenged by the vibe and energy in this sector especially by the women I met. Almost in every session there was a woman head of IT, Woman  professior in Computer Science or Woman heading an ICT training organisation. In Nigeria and Africa as a whole we have plenty of examples of success and achievement by Women in the ICT sector.

However much has not been done together. Why do we prefer to work alone? Why are we not mentoring our juniors and those who should take over from us.  I’ve also read through theLaunched Wisdom Exchange interview with Katherine Ichoya, Exective Director of FEMCOM and she emphasis the need to network. https://wisdomexchangetv.com/katherine-ichoya/. Congratulations Katherine!

Actually I first met Katherine at the exit terminal in Lilongwe International Airport  on a short flight to Lusaka Zambia just over 2 years ago and today her network has become accessible to me, and I believe my network is accessbile to her thus providing  the women she serves access to affordable ICTs and for me a platform to show case successful social media.

Ladies let us network more and mentor more.

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      This is definitely an area that needs attention in Africa. Women want to mentor, they feel it is their duty. Getting their ICT up to speed, and really investing in social media can be a great way to mentor and cultivate new business relationships. Although so many are not embracing social media yet in Africa, do you want to be a leader or a follower?

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