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Do you know the Sunday school song “Today is my favorite day, I like tomorrow and yesterday but today is my favorite day?” Sunday is my favorite day. And today was one of those days that I’m at so much peace especially when nothing went according to schedule. This has nothing to do with my almost 3yearold son, who I must report,we have made tremendous progress in understanding each others boundaries and have had no drama this Sunday. Always love parenting without drama…I love schedules and activities all going according to plan. Yes, I do and a few years back, I was younger and anything out of my plan was unthinkable. Now, I’m older and wiser. If this Sunday was played 5 years ago, I’d probably be nursing a headache, I’m resting and musing over the day. I woke up late (totally unlike me); Waited for a fundi who showed up 3 hours late, so I missed the service I had planned to go to at 11.30am, I also planned to go take baby to the barber shop who decided not to open today, and for some reason my Sunday evening errands were interrupted and i decided to just relax. That for me is like gold. I’m not worried, anxious, rattled, or annoyed; but I’m at peace and rather amused at myself. Well that means its really true that Sunday is my favorite day.

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