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B the Change Weekly: December 13, 2019

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“We invest in experiences, instead of more stuff.”

The manifesto for Certified B Corporation Modern Adventure (highlighted in this week’s feature article) serves as inspiration for those of us looking to broaden our mindsets rather than cluttering our homes — a message that feels especially relevant at this time of year. Stepping out into the world and visiting new places helps us learn from other communities and cultures. But our journeys — whether taken for family gatherings, given as a holiday gift, or made as travel for work — affect the environment, communities and people — the stakeholders that Certified B Corporations value and consider in their everyday operations.

To minimize our travel footprint, B Corps stand ready as tour planners and guides, offering journeys so we can explore our planet while also protecting its future. This week we highlight B Corps that allow us to see the world’s wonders, make memories and ensure others can follow in our footsteps.

Build a Better World While You Travel

Whether you’re gifting a trip or planning to visit a dream destination, consider seeing the world with B Corps that offer programming, facilities and sustainable practices so you can make memories and help build a better world at the same time.

The travel industry B Corps highlighted in this article on B the Change stand ready to help you visit your dream destination while doing business with companies that match your values and allow you to vote every day as you escape the everyday.

Minding, and Offsetting, the Environmental Costs of Travel

Who should be responsible for purchasing carbon offsets for flights? Who benefits economically from the travel? B Corp Bodhi Surf + Yoga, which operates a surf and yoga camp in Costa Rica, believes that all tourism companies should consider these questions and take at least partial responsibility for the carbon output from flights required to bring guests to exotic destinations.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga explains on B the Change why and how it made the move to offset the carbon impact of guests’ flights — and why it hopes other tourism businesses follow suit.

Better Places Shapes a Better Way to Travel

Four years ago, Dutch tour operator Better Places took the first step to minimize its environmental effects by reporting and compensating for all travel made by its travelers and staff. But that was just the start of the B Corp’s transformative work toward a more sustainable travel industry.

On B the Change, learn how Better Places has inspired other travel businesses to follow its lead and how it has expanded its environment-minded changes by suggesting longer but less frequent trips, encouraging train travel, and adopting a voluntary flight/carbon tax.

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