Reflect, learn, appreciate, and listen to truths that have been shared for decades and acknowledge the contribution that People with Disabilities have made to organizations and communities.

Educate yourself on People with Disabilities, and how to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at work and beyond. Let’s stand up with and for People with Disabilities and their initiatives.

Gain insight with the YouMeWe Conscious-Contribution Panel Series: candid conversation to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at work and beyond. YouMeWe hosted a panel with these three activists, business and community leaders. Their candid perspective will challenge and inspire you to make your contributions count. To purchase the recording visit: 

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People with Disabilities panel

Steps you can take to make your contribution count:


➡️Interview with Yetnebersh Nigussi, Co-Founder, Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD), Founder Yetnebersh Modern Academy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Yetnebersh was blind a five. Listen to her journey. Her perspective will cause you to rethink disabilities.

➡️Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

➡️National AccessAbility Week 2021: Stakeholder toolkit

➡️Include-Me social movement creating an accessible Canada.

➡️Canadian Disability Benefit Webinar Series

Technology insights:

➡️ Top 7 INKLUSIV strategies for a more inclusive keyboard navigation experience


Solidarity commitment statement

A great way to determine if your commitments shift past performative gestures—beyond words of empathy and flag-lowering—is to input your obligations into this template.

As a ___ this week I can work in solidarity with ___ by  ______________.
As a ___ this month I can work in solidarity with ___ by ______________.
As a  ___ in the future, I can work in solidarity with ___ by ____________.

Here’s an example: As a person with privilege, this week, I can work in solidarity with People with Disabilities by seeking an opportunity to offer employment or invite an individual to sit on my board. 


YouMeWe Community Women leaders driving social impact

Join the YouMeWe Community, where women collaborate to lead social impact. Where we harness feminine power to empower you, your organization, and your community to flourish.

make your contribution count book 3 formsYou will gain more inspiration and insight during weWednedays. My book can be your guide – you can learn more here:

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Until next time, make your contribution count for you • me •we.

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