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B the Change Weekly: November 29, 2019

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With the choices we make every day, we cast “votes” for the people and companies behind the products and services in our lives. By voting with our dollars and time for Certified B Corporations — as the places where we work, do business and shop — we can make choices that align with our values and help build a healthier future. As we enter the holiday season and make the often-associated gift purchases, this message becomes even more important and potentially impactful.

We’re thankful that you’ve cast a vote for B Corps by becoming part of the B the Change community. To help us continue to spread the good word about B Corps and how they use business as a force for good, we hope you will take this survey that will shape our article plans for 2020.

Shop Your Values at the Holidays

As the holiday season ramps up to full throttle, shoppers can choose to be mindful of where they spend their money — or choose to spend less. Shifting more of your shopping dollars to Certified B Corporations is one way you can share your values and vote every day for those values — at the holidays and throughout the year.

On B the Change, find suggestions for purchasing with purpose and planet in mind during the first frenzied days of the shopping season.

A Trillion Votes for Business for Good

Americans are expected to spend $1 trillion during the upcoming holiday shopping season — a potential source of power for shoppers to make a positive impact and vote with their dollars as a force for change. To harness that power, B Corp Done Good and other purpose-driven organizations are coming together for the Shop for Good Sunday campaign.

On B the Change, learn how the Shop for Good Sunday initiative makes it easy for all of us to use our holiday purchasing power for good — and find some deals.

Use Your Vote Every Day

By casting our votes for B Corps, we can use our daily choices to change capitalism from a system that benefits the few to one that benefits all. We can support organizations with our time and money so they, in turn, support us and our future.

Learn on B the Change how every dollar we spend or invest, every hour we work, and every transaction we make with other companies is a vote for the type of business and economy we want to succeed.

Stay in the Know

Here’s your chance to catch up on all the good stuff we shared this week:

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