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Christian Shearer Accelerates Shift Toward Positive Ecological Impact

Christian Shearer is CEO and co-founder of Regen Network, an ecological agreements platform working to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture. Shearer has been working in ecological agriculture for the past 15 years, with much of that time spent working with farmers in Southeast Asia. As a co-founder of Terra Genesis International, he spent five years working with leading natural products brands, helping them understand how to invest in their existing supply systems to encourage them toward more regenerative practices.

Now Shearer is pouring his life into Regen Network because he believes the tools being built will have a profound influence on the acceleration of the adoption of regenerative agriculture around the world, helping farmers get paid for their positive ecological impact.

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Christian Shearer

Here are a few highlights from the interview with Shearer:

  • His roots in Thailand, and how he stumbled upon permaculture and instigated the Panya Project.
  • How Shearer’s previous company, Terra Genesis International, continues to work to integrate regenerative agriculture into the supply stream of companies around the world.
  • The backstory behind Regen Network, how it aims to change the game for planetary regeneration through aligning incentives in agriculture and the market for impact credits (such as carbon credits), and how this is operationalized.
  • How Regen Network takes a regenerative approach to its work internally and externally.
  • Exciting next directions for Regen Network and how to get the flywheel spinning in the market for ecosystem services.

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