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Through Art and Words, Kanyon Sayers-Roods Creates Connections

Kanyon Sayers-Roods is Costanoan Ohlone-Mutsun and Chumash; she also goes by her given Native name, “Coyote Woman.” She is proud of her heritage and her Native name—though it comes with its own back story—and is active in the Native community. The daughter of Ann-Marie Sayers, she was raised in Indian Canyon, trust land of her family, which is one of the few spaces in Central California available to the Indigenous community for ceremony.

Sayers-Roods is an artist, poet, published author, advocate, student and teacher. Her art has been featured at the De Young Museum, SOMArts Gallery, Gathering Tribes, and powwows and Indigenous gatherings, and in SNAG Magazine. She is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of California, Sunnyvale, where she earned associate and bachelor degrees in web design and interactive media.

She is motivated to learn, teach, start conversations around decolonization and re-indigenization, and to continue doing what she loves: art.

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Kanyon Sayers-Roods

Here are some highlights from the LIFT Economy podcast interview with Sayers-Roods:

  • Her experience as an ancestor in training and an Indigenous entrepreneur.
  • The importance of establishing authentic relationships through asking, listening, respecting, humility and granting permission.
  • Why we should be shifting policy to authentically understand and respect local Indigenous cultures.

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