Chuck Brown Connects Impact Investors with Social Enterprises

Chuck Brown is the founder of Orion Advising, a consultancy in service of social entrepreneurs and investors seeking a just transition to the new economy. He sits on the board of Social Enterprise Alliance Bay Area and is a member-leader of Resource Generation Bay Area.

Brown believes the economy can be transformed through an ecosystem rooted in empathy. He works with entrepreneurs to create business models that uplift communities and provide self-determination, build the right infrastructure around ideas, and connect with funders who share their vision. Through his work with impact funders, Brown locates and evaluates opportunities that fulfill their mission.

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Chuck Brown

Here are some highlights from the interview with Brown:

  • How Brown first got into the work he is doing today.
  • How social entrepreneurship can focus on systemic changes in solidarity with low-income and working-class people.
  • His evolving understanding of “giving back” versus “giving it ALL back.”
  • What Brown learned as a foundation insider about donor-advised funds.
  • The leaders who inspire Brown and resources he recommends for people interested in learning more.

LIFT Economy is an impact consulting firm with a mission to create, model and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life.

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