Suzanne F. Stevens – Professional Keynote Speaker,  Entrepreneur, Coach and Host

(originally published March 2011; last updated January 2016)

Suzanne encourages people to challenge their self-perception of what they are capable of doing. Not just talk about doing it, but actually taking risks personally and professionally to push your own potential. Suzanne had done this through her life by facing her fears of public speaking, extensively traveling alone and becoming an Entrepreneur. Suzanne and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich will be continuing to push their edge by embarking on an incredible journey they call ‘Mission Africa’. They will implement many initiatives all with the intention of depicting Africa through the lens of opportunity.  Their mandate is to celebrate all that is good in Africa. They will focus on the beauty and possibilities of Africa for the world stage to appreciate. They will be traveling through Africa for the remainder of 2011 and 2012.  One of their primary mandates is to raise funds for the Ignite Excellence foundation and Africa Business Women Connect Summit.

Suzanne F. Stevens founded the Ignite Excellence Foundation in 2008 (renamed YouMeWe Foundation in 2016). The foundation is advised by Tides Canada – Charity number: BN 86894 7797RR0001. The mission of the foundation is Leadership, Advocacy and Education; the vision is to Invest, Inspire and Develop African women leaders of today for tomorrow.

The foundation does this through empowering African women to present their messages with confidence, providing scholarships for post-graduate education, investing in bricks and mortar, and raising funds and sponsorship for women leadership initiatives in developing countries. The foundation also supports Frontier College, a foundation promoting Canadian Literacy.

To Donate:  If you wish to donate to assist Mike and Suzanne on their project to provide scholarships to perspective women Leaders in Africa, please donate at Tides Canada .

Tides will inform us of your donation and you can follow that donation at on the blog at

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