Antonia Mutoro IPAR guest wisdom exchange tv tv

Antonia Mutoro

First Executive Director of the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR). Prior to joining IPAR, she held various responsibilities as an academic in senior management positions in Higher Education in Rwanda.

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Philippa Reiss Thorne | Philippa Thorne | gone rural | wisdom exchange tv

Philippa Reiss Thorne

Managing Director, Gone Rural, Swaziland. Impacting hundreds of rural women by creating jobs through high-quality hand-crafts. During Philippa's tenure, she has doubled business turnover, quadrupled artisan incomes, and fostered a positive economic impact on Swaziland’s rural communities by enabling women to earn money while maintaining their customary lifestyle.

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Bience Gawanas African Union guest wisdom exchange tv

Bience Gawanas

Social Affairs Commissioner for the African Union. She has a reputation as a champion of women’s rights in Namibia and Africa and is considered one of 100 influential individuals in the world for women and children.

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Joyce Muraya Amani Ya Juu Wisdom Exchange tv guest

Joyce Muraya

Kenya Country Director, Amani Ya Juu. Amani Ya Juu. A Fair-trade, non-profit organization. Joyce was previously a pastor and always wanted to work with women. Amani Ya Juu marries her background in microfinance, her faith and the ability to work with women in an inspirational setting.

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