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by Suzanne F. Stevens, Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator, Amplifier of  Contributors voices, and Community Builder. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP),

Businesses are part of the social evolution

Internationally, more organizations are seeking to operate their businesses consciously. Conferences are promoting pursuing purpose, consciousness, and social innovation. Companies have new metrics to measure their impact on all stakeholders through the B Corporation initiative.

Many leaders and entrepreneurs realize that by placing a social issue or the environment first, not only can they have a positive impact on society, but in the long-term, their companies can reap greater profits.

Due to the health and economic crisis, and the increased conscious bias and inequities, all organizations, solopreneurs, micro and small businesses, SMEs, and corporations must play a role in our recovery and the social evolution. Yes, that means you too.

The demographic shift is demanding a social evolution

There is a demographic shift. With transition comes a change in how the workforce operates, what they value, and how they contribute. In Canada, in 2021, approximately 50 percent of the workforce is millennials, and by 2028, 75 percent. The cohort will have amplified purchasing power, donor dollars, and investment influence.

Millennials want to have an impact—period. Before millennials join your organization, 76 percent will consider your social or environmental contribution. Nine out of 10 will switch the brand they buy to support a particular cause. This call will get louder as more of the Z generation enters the workforce.

Regardless of someone’s generation,  40 to 55 percent of buyers in 60 countries, will pay more for a product or service if they know it is having a positive social or environmental impact.

So being better or different from competitors is not enough anymore. Being a mission-focused organization will attract, engage, and retain well-aligned customers, colleagues, and collaborators. Businesses need to meet the call.

Being better or different from competitors is not enough anymore. Being a mission-focused organization will attract, engage, and retain well-aligned customers, colleagues, and collaborators. Businesses need to meet the call. Click To Tweet

Conscious organizations are our future

There is an upsurge of social enterprises and socially conscious organizations. We need a grassroots uprising of businesses deciding how they will meet their employees, customers, and society’s conscious demands. Millennials’ voices are growing louder, and the trend toward their desire to be employed by conscious organizations is becoming inevitable. Companies have an opportunity to be on the right side of addressing the social evolution.

There are many gaps in communities that the government can’t fill or don’t feel are a priority.

Where can get inspiration to make your contribution count in the social evolution?

  1. Consider your compassion-connection™ – which is a group of people or issue that you have a profound concern or care for and will act upon.
  2. 2030 U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals
  3. What does your community need now? Who or what is underserved in your community? Who or what has suffered most during the pandemic?

This is a start. There are many, however, other elements to consider when contributing to the social evolution, such as what you love, enjoy, your talents, values, and what environment brings out your best. At YouMeWe, we encourage people to discover what they care about, so they can make a long-term profound change that will also give you meaning.

Each of us has the power to decide where or how we choose to contribute. As a citizen, don’t only look to NGOs, charities, governments, the wealthy, businesses, or others to provide. We all have a role to play; the question becomes how big a part will you seize?”

We all have a role to play in the social evolution; the question becomes how big a part will you seize? #makeyourcontributioncount #youmewemovement Click To Tweet

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