Dedicated to increasing the participation and advancement of women in technology

We have always known that in the technology industry, women have a steeper hill to climb – as attested to by leaders like Sheryl Sandberg and the many brave women who have spoken up about the “bro-culture” in Silicon Valley and venture capital industry.

A movement called #MovetheDial was started to increase the participation and advancement of women in the Canadian tech community. We knew the Canadian tech industry faced similar issues to the global community – but we didn’t know to what extent, so we teamed up with #MovetheDial and MaRS Discovery District to find out.

Research and analysis of 933 tech companies in Canada uncovered key findings such as:

  • Currently, only 5% of Canadian tech companies have a female founder. When companies with male and female co-founders are factored in, the percentage of tech companies with female founders increases only to 13%.
  • Only 5% of Canadian tech companies have a female CEO — and when companies with male and female co-CEOs are factored in, that statistic increases only to 6%.
  • Women comprise 13% of the average tech company’s executive team, while 53% of tech companies have no female executives at all.
  • On average, only 8% of directors at Canadian tech companies are women. 73% of boards have no women at all.
  • Approximately 30% of Canadian venture capital firms have a female partner, and on average, 12% of partners are women.

Female leaders are just as qualified as their male counterparts, and we believe they should be given equal opportunities to advance in their careers. In an industry fiercely competing for the best talent, we can’t afford to leave a significant portion of our workforce on the sidelines.

Learn more about the #MovetheDial initiative and read the new benchmark report Where is the Dial now? here.

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