B the Change Weekly: January 3, 2020

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The new year naturally brings an opportunity to reflect, recharge and renew. At the start of 2020, the global community faces many challenges — a worsening climate crisis, growing income inequality, shifting job markets — and the Certified B Corporation community has a unique opportunity to lead by example.

Through a business structure that considers all stakeholders, B Corps make decisions that balance profit and purpose to benefit more than the bottom line. By prioritizing the people at the heart of their operations, B Corps maintain a human touch that builds loyalty with workers, customers and business partners.

This week and this month on B The Change, we’ll share how B Corps are buckling down to make positive change, with a special focus on the role of each individual employee in building a better world through business. Let’s get to work!

Building More Than a Bank Account

At B Corp Technicians for Sustainability, one worker’s financial crisis inspired the company to create a small-dollar loan program with a local credit union. Through the program, workers are able to obtain small, emergency loans at a fair rate while building their credit and savings account after the loan is paid off — creating more agency of their financial life.

On B The Change, learn how Technicians for Sustainability modeled its program with lessons from the Income Advance program developed by fellow B Corp Rhino Foods and the Income Advance Learning Experience and courses made possible through B Lab.

Creating Stability for the Refugee Workforce

In his work as a social entrepreneur, Chris Chancey has honed his vision to create greater stability for the 70 million refugees around the world while also benefiting local economies.

In this B The Change article featuring highlights from a Grow Ensemble podcast, Chancey shares how his B Corp, Amplio Recruiting, has placed over 5,000 refugees from more than 40 countries into full-time employment with over 300 companies while generating nearly $12 million in revenue.

A Mindful Take on Workplace Stresses

A mindfulness practice that Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini began to deal with pain from a serious ski injury eventually began to benefit his work life in more subtle ways. In addition to being in less pain than he might otherwise have been, he was less stressed, even as his responsibilities mushroomed. After seeing the benefits of his experience, Bertolini encouraged Aetna to begin offering yoga and mindfulness in the workplace.

On B The Change, read how mindfulness programming has made it easier for Bertolini and other Aetna workers to handle life’s stresses while also increasing their efficiency.

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