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Tim Wise Provides Anti-Racism Training to Organizations Across the United States

Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States. He has spent the past 25 years speaking to audiences in all 50 states, on over 1,000 college and high school campuses, at hundreds of professional and academic conferences, and to community groups across the country. He is also the host of the new podcast, Speak Out with Tim Wise.

Wise has lectured in Canada and Bermuda and has trained corporate, government, entertainment, media, law enforcement, military and medical industry professionals on methods for dismantling racism in their institutions. He has provided anti-racism training to educators and administrators nationwide.

He has written seven books, including his latest, Under the Affluence: Shaming the Poor, Praising the Rich and Sacrificing the Future of America.

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Tim Wise

Here are some highlights from the LIFT Economy podcast interview with Wise:

  • How he started doing the work he is doing today.
  • Why white progressives can, and do, cause the most daily damage to people of color.
  • How the unexamined values of individualism, meritocracy, objectivity and conflict avoidance are part of the dominant culture and lead to oppressive outcomes for people of color.
  • Why white people doing anti-racism work to “help” people of color is the wrong approach.
  • What he hopes the future will bring.

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