It was your birthday
Maybe chistmas or New years
Whatever special day in your life!
Excitement and curiosity takes over!
Loss of inhibition takes control

Yes s/he made you feel special
Said all the wonderful words your ears were yearning to hear
Aroused the secretion of excitement hormones
The ones that confirms…..
Mmmmhhh!! “I am gorgeous, handsome,goodlooking and special”
S/He probably must have made sacrifices just to be with you
Love and commitement proven, then you Exhaled

He may be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend,
one night stand or a friend with benefits
But you may have felt the lack of love and interest in you for a while
S/He may have not been picking up your calls for a while
S/He may have had few excuses for the past few weeks
She may have longer periods than ussual to avoid you/intimacy
Was home late, was drunk more and more irritable
Or you may have suspected nothing

You are suprised
The sudden interest in his or her voice
The diary is now so open for you
The costly trips just to be with you
The wonderful gifts, roses, decorations, great meals
You see and feel heaven on earth

Time comes when you unwrap the gift
Unwrap the laughter to tears
Unwrap the joy to sorrow
Unwrap the multiple orgasms to multiple unanswered questions
Unwrap your naivity and trust
Unwrap and discover that
The truth is now revieled

Yes the HIV test was negetive when you tested in a hurry
Yes there is something called a window period
You did not see the ulcer or ulcers
Yes it was the herpes infection
You used the condom the first time, it was too far the second time around
It was just this once, yes once is all it takes
You trusted him or her, s/he was a VIP,a professional, a doctor, from the rich family
S/He has appeared in all magazine
S/He is always well dressed and was complaining of even gaining wait
How could it be, it can be
Where is s/he to answer al the above

Alone with the christmas or birthday gift
That perfume, s/he will never smell, its yours to keep and smell alone
That gift of all the infections he will never hear of it
That HERPES s/he will never share with you again, its yours to keep
That HIV/AIDS infection was wrapped in that gift, its yours forever
That HERPES infection is that ribbon that held the gift
His or Her footsteps on your wooden or tiled floor was the warning of the storm to come

The storm is here
There is a baby on the way
Only you feel the loss of your beauty
Only you have swollen body, tummy, legs for 9months
Only you knows the father, he doesn’t
Only you have to push this baby to the world holding the hospital bed, no hand to hold
Only you to care for that baby
Only you to make sure baby is HIV negetive
Only you have to swallow those pills
Only you to carry the embarrasement
Only you is crying, confused
Another innocent victim awaits his or her arrival
Only you can change this around
And only you can destroy you
And only you can take a stand and end this storm

The rainbow will soon appear after the storm
The beautiful bouncy bunch of joy will come and wipe your tears
The ARV’S will increase your Immunity
The Acyclovir will manage the herpes for that time being
The Lord will make a way, give you strenght
You may decide to find love or give up on love
But you would owe nobody
Because you would have paid the price and learnt a lesson
You would have paid the price for all the generations to know
That in that free gift there is a price to pay for a lifetime.

After the price has been bought
Yes the price you thought was free
Unwrap it for those around you to see, feel and touch
For tem to learn through your lessons
For it will be no use to mourn and cry in the corners
It will be a waste of the price you have paid
A price of a free gift
copyright belong to Dr Thandeka Mazibuko