Suzanne F Stevens & Michael K Gingerich at TIAW World of Differe I just returned from the The International Alliance for Women (TIAW)Forum and World of Difference Award ceremony. I was honoured to receive an award for women economic empowerment in education. I was amongst 8 African Women pioneers who were present, along with new friends from 26 countries. One thing all of us women would agree on, we couldn’t move the needle of women empowerment internationally if we didn’t have collaboration with each other and with men. My biggest contributor is my husband (Michael Gingerich) – it is an honour to receive this acknowledgement beside him. The other thing we all agreed… internationally we have a long way to go to achieve equality.

A Hundred  people were recognized internationally  for the contribution to women economic empowerment. I am proud that Wisdom Exchange TV – Interviews with African Women Pioneers and Ignite Excellence Foundation -Women Leadership, Advocacy, Education are recognized, but more importantly that they are making a difference. We invite you to subscribe free to – interviewing pioneering African women leaders, or donate to – providing tertiary education to perspective women leaders in Africa.

A special thank you to my husband, without you we couldn’t make it happen – not only because there are not enough hours in the day, but your special something comes to every project. Four plus days every two weeks is a lot of time for us to invest in these initiatives, but the rewards far exceed the effort. Thank you for helping make my goals a reality.

I’m dedicate this acknowledgement to the 70 women we have interviewed for Wisdom Exchange TV – Interviews with African Women Pioneers and the 7 women we have put through tertiary education in Africa through the Ignite Excellence Foundation -Women Leadership, Advocacy, Education. You are inspiring and have impacted your communities and countries in such a profound way. I’m humbled to call you my friends and inspired by your achievements and insights.

We are happy to have also interviewed  four new women pioneers in Washington: Stay tuned for their interviews on Wisdom Exchange TV.


Christine Asiko, is a women that is consciously contributes™ to bring awareness and transformation to the African Education System. She is the CEO of Strive Internationall, an educational charity, exists to improve the educational experience of learners with Dyslexia in Africa. It builds awareness to enhance understanding and appreciation of dyslexia and facilitates opportunities for educators to develop skills to effectively include learners with dyslexia in classrooms and learning institutions. A wonderful woman who I am honoured to know.






WETV-Suzanne-F-Stevens-&-Elizabeth-Thande-x1000-MKG-8854_WETVI’m always amazed by how people with a little ingenuity can save lives and transform communities. Elizabeth Thande, Founder of PJ Flowers is one of those woman!
Because of her farming scheme, where rural women grow flowers and export to predominantly Europe, women can keep their children in school and provide nutritious meals. Elizabeth’s mission is critical, given that 99% of all farming in Africa is done by women and less the 1% of all loans to farmers go to women. Now that is conscious contribution that will eradicate poverty.







Benedicta N. Nanyonga is anotheWETV-Suzanne-F-Stevens-&-Benedicta-N-Nanyonga-x1000-MKG-8869-WETVr wonderful inspiring women we interviewed on Wisdom Exchange TV – Interviews with African Women Pioneers From banking to displacement to creating jobs than impact 1200 families in Uganda. A true contributor!
She started the Kinawataka Women’s Initiatives, a non profit organization whose mission is to empower girls and women of the Kinawataka slum in Kampala to become economically independent, socially responsible and focus on community development. Specializing in making handcrafts and jewelry using recycled drinking straws her initiatives have impacted more than 1200 families nationally.






WETV-Hajjat-Aphwa-SebyalaWe interviewed Hajjat Aphwa Sebyala for Wisdom Exchange TV – Interviews with African Women Pioneers. A wonderful women who has set-up greening projects in Uganda feeding hundreds. Driven and focused women, not to mention fun to be around. Ms. Sebyala formed the Gomba Women`s Environment and Development Group, working with rural woman to fight effects of Climate Change, and to improve the entire family livelihood through energy and money saving methods like cooking with briquettes instead of firewood. Several women have embraced environment protection to create businesses planting of seedlings, making ovens, briquettes, growing and selling fruit.







Making all our contributions count.


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