gradphoto2After many discussions and intensive research, I’m very excited that the YouMeWe Foundation will be supporting tertiary education for women in South Africa thru TSiBA Education.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of their founders, Gia Whitehead, on I was so impressed with their scholarship program and values that the foundation wanted to create a way to provide scholarships to this institution.

What impressed me most about TSiBA:

  • they give access to rural students to have an education, but they also ensure the pay something, so they feel ownership.
  • they have a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy embedded in their culture: “We help you with your education, you help others.”
  • South Africans  manage everything, to ensure students meet their donor responsibilities
  • The focus on leadership and entrepreneurial skills – both essential for job creation and employee retention.

TSiBA is a non-profit business school. TSiBA offers a unique Higher Certificate in Business Administration followed by an enriched Bachelor of Business Administration focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. To date, TSiBA has awarded over 1000 scholarships, with 86% of graduates either employed, running businesses or continuing their studies (versus the national average of 32%) and over a dozen are completing international internships. Furthermore, in its short existence, TSiBA has already produced 4 Mandela Rhodes Scholars, placing it among the elite of South Africa’s universities.

Tertiary Education

Investing in the tertiary education of prospective women leaders in developing countries can create a massive ripple effect that can uplift an entire community. This is proven by the over 70 African women pioneers we have interviewed for Wisdom Exchange TV.

To learn more visit, and to donate to uplift a female leader to her potential visit  Investing in one leader at a time.

Interview with Gia Whitehead, Co-Founder of TSiBA

Gia Whitehead is the Sustainability Director/Founder of TSiBA Education, Gia was recognized as one of South Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Minds in 2002. Gia was also awarded Top Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 (Topco Media).

To hear the full interview visit:


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