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B the Change Weekly: July 26, 2019

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Traditional businesses operate under the doctrine of shareholder primacy, which puts the returns to shareholders above all other business motives. This often means that the environmental and social impact of a business’s operations take second chair to growing shareholder profit margins.

Businesses that incorporate as benefit corporations adopt a new form of corporate governance that puts people and planet on the same level as profits — holding business directors accountable to balancing shareholder returns with the full impact scope of the company. More than 10,000 businesses have adopted this new form of corporate governance, but a new milestone was recently achieved when Brazilian B Corp Natura acquired Avon in an all-stock deal. This marks the first time an existing U.S.-listed publicly traded company voted to adopt benefit corp governance.

This week, we highlight stories showcasing the global uptake of stakeholder governance as signs of the coming upheaval of shareholder primacy.

In community,

The team at B the Change

Beauty Brand Leading the B Corp Movement

“Ding dong, AVON calling!” was a catchphrase in the ’60s that represented more than door-to-door direct selling of cosmetics; it represented financial independence for women and a culture shift. More than 50 years later, the iconic brand is signaling a new business trend about putting purpose first by agreeing to an all-stock sale to Brazil-based beauty brand Natura valued at $2 billion, effectively creating the world’s fourth-largest beauty brand with roughly $10 billion in global revenue.

On Forbes, read Jay Coen Gilbert’s piece on how the first existing U.S.-listed, publicly traded company voting to upend shareholder primacy by adopting a benefit corp governance structure is one sign among many of the global business trend toward purpose.

Your Business Can Take Climate Action

Business has a huge impact on the planet. With this comes an opportunity to change, improve and take action. Certified B Corporations believe in balancing profit with consideration of people and planet, and are leading the way with their environmental performance. Whether your business is looking to make small, collective changes or setting long-term environmental goals, your choices can have a big impact.

On B the Change, find suggestions from B Corps based in the United Kingdom on how your business can take climate action today.

Doing Good Down Under

The Certified B Corporation community shows how business can be used as a force for good, and not just profit, around the world. July is B Corp Month in Australia and New Zealand, where B Corps are sharing the stories of business for a better world — how they’ve changed, what’s worked, and what they’ve learned.

On B the Change, read how an Australian financial institution and a brewery connect with customers while using business as a force for good.

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